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DIY DESIGN | Living Room Update & Leather Couch Review

Fonte: I SPY DIY em 30/04/2018
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Happy Monday All! I have been getting questions about some of the updates in my livingroom on @ISPYDIY Instagram, so I thought it would be a good time for a mini makeover post! I have been wanting a leather couch for SO LONG, and have be ogling over the ones at Article, and online furniture company who has BEAUTIFUL sofas/chairs/etc (especially leather) at really good prices, plus the $49 shipping fee for a couch is amazing (anyone else get so annoyed when you get to the checkout and find out the shipping fee is $250+!) I must have been sending good vibe into the universe because Article reached out for me to review one of their couches, I immediately said “Heck YA!”. I ordered the Nirvana Dakota Tan Sofa and let me tell you, this couch is comf-ty. The leather is worn in, so you immediately melt into it. Many naps have happened on that couch in the short amount of time I have had it. I love that it’s super deep and the back cushions are removable if I need to make room for snuggling with Griff!
The biggest question I have been getting in my Instagram Stories is how the leather sofa is holding up with my pup. Generally, Griffin sits on the other couch which is closer to the window, but I can definitely tell that the leather has a lot to give and will hold up great. When he jumps over to this sofa there have been zero problems with puncturing the leather, and Griff has those sharp puppy claws. In my opinion, the Nirvana Dakota Tan Sofa is super dog friendly because I think it will look even better worn in, so I welcome my pup to snuggle there any time he wants!

The the new floor lamp in my living is also from Article, it looks pretty slick in the corner, no? The gunmetal finish fits perfectly in the space, and the globe gives off a cozy light, perfect for a relaxing evening. For those that will ask, no, I don’t have a TV in the living room and yes there is a hook up for one behind the art, ha! I actually don’t have any TV’s in the house, I usually just watch Netflix/Hulu on my laptop or phone.
I also took a couple hours to take on a built-in refresh! I started by taking everything off of the shelves. It helps to have a clean slate, not only to dust, but also to clear your mind of what was. Sometimes you see your objects in a new light, you’ve got to start fresh. Styling the shelves is all trial and error. Two key tips are to alternate the heavy looking pieces and to alternate materials. For more styling tips check out my segment on our local news station, The Morning Blend, here.ISPYDIY_livingroommakeover7
Most items on the shelves are old World Market, from local stores, or vintage but if you have a question about something, leave a message in the comments. The most asked question is about the new rug, it’s from here! The new blanket is from here, but it’s only available in sage.  


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