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Anime Voice Actress Miku Ito and Moe Toyota Form New Unit "Pyxis"

Fonte: Crunchy Roll em 19/05/2015
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18-year-old anime voice actress Miku Ito and 20-year-old Moe Toyota held their first joint concert at Hatsudai The Doors in Tokyo on May 17. At the event, two members of voice actress idol unit StylipS announced that they formed their own new unit "Pyxis," which means "Jewel Box" in Ancient Greek. Other than its name, no activities has been decided yet. They will not leave StylipS, and will keep performing for the four-member group alongside Arisa Noto and Maho Matsunaga. 


Miku Ito made her voice actress debut in 2013 and is best known as Nanako Usami in Locodol and Yuriko Nanao in The Idolm@ster franchise. It was also announced that her first solo live will be held at Shinjuku ReNY in Tokyo on October 12, her 19th birthday. Moe Toyota is currently playing Sapphire Kawashima in Sound! Euphonium.



From Moe Toyota's Twitter posts


そして二人でお揃いの衣装ですー!パステルカラー大好きなのでとってもお気に入りだよー!(*´ω`*)では後はブログに載せますねーお楽しみに! #PyxisParty pic.twitter.com/dynJbwmt0h

— 豊田萌絵 (@toyotamoe) May 17, 2015


「Pyxis Party!! 2015~みんなと作る宝石箱~」どちらの部も無事終了致しましたーーー!応援してくださった皆様ありがとうございます(;ω;)✨楽しかったーーーー!詳しくはブログに書くね!本当にみんなありがとーーー! pic.twitter.com/xwB9rTGx9W

— 豊田萌絵 (@toyotamoe) May 17, 2015


ブログ更新!『Pyxis Party!!』写真たくさんのせたよー!きてくれた皆本当にありがとうございましたー! http://t.co/gxhk5Ui76R #Pyxis pic.twitter.com/W85eWMudGz

— 豊田萌絵 (@toyotamoe) May 18, 2015



Source: Official blogs of Miku Ito, Moe Toyota



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